New Built-in Squarespace Slider [V5]

NOTE: At the moment this slider breaks if using the AdBlock extension on Chrome or Safari

Finally, Squarespace now has a built in image slider so you no longer need to touch code at all!

It is very elegant and ohh so simple to set-up, but it does have limited options and automatically resizes to fit the page it is on (good or bad, depending on what you need). Nevertheless this is a great addition to Squarespace’s functionality.

Follow these steps to add the slider and see the results below:

1) Create a new gallery which holds the photos for the slider and add some photos (or use an existing gallery if you wish). Note: You need at least 3 photos.

2) Optional/Recommended: Go to Website Settings —> Architecture and create a new section. Place the gallery you just created into this new section and click “hide” just below the section title. This means any pages within the section will not show up in the navigation area on your site. If you already have a hidden section then just place the new gallery into that. 

3) Wherever you wish to have the gallery, click the button shown here: 

4) The options are fairly simple (remember to select your gallery from earlier!), however if you need any help just post a comment!